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Technology Enables - People First

Technology-Enabled, People-First Intake

We answer calls from legal advertising, and we handle inbound forms with the utmost care. We track and measure everything to ensure firms get the most out of their lead generation investments.

Case Fulfullment

Retainer Fulfillment.

If the client is willing to sign online, we make that happen. If the client requires a retainer via mail, we are one of the only intake companies willing to fulfill their request.

Document Transfer

Document Transfer.

Utilizing custom case management API integrations, online document services, or whatever is necessary for us to transmit sign-up documents to your firm as securely and efficiently as possible.



We will provide an online dashboard, but very few firms will log into it. For that reason, we send you daily email reports tailored specifically to your data needs.

Intake Pricing


Two pricing models are available. The first is ad hoc campaign pricing. We can provide custom quotes based on the number of leads screened or by cost per signed retainer. The other option is for us to take over a law firm’s existing intake staff to provide a comprehensive outsourced intake model for the firm.

We make our clients far more money. Ask us to prove it, and we’ll be happy to show you how.

Client Return on Investment